Cries for a humane life

The United Ministry for Service and Witness of the DRC family (UMSW) thankfully provides the 2014 series, “Cries for a humane life“, in cooperation with various role players.

Prof Nico Koopman, Dean of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Stellenbosch, wrote the text. Colleagues Andrew Esterhuizen, Tiana Bosman, Simon Cezula and Nelis van Rensburg assisted and worked together at different stages of the development of the series. Bible Media did the translation of the material into English and made it ready for publication.

The 2014 series is provided and distributed as usual in the church through the channels of Bible Media, CLF, the respective synods and some synodical ministries.

The leadership of the DRC family currently leads us to focus together on a season of human dignity. We purposefully reflect, pray and seek together to live a truly humane life, because this is God’s good will for all of us. The 2014 Pentecost Series especially wants to assist us to focus together on this true humane life and to plead together with the Holy Spirit that this humane life shall indeed become reality amongst us as well as in the whole wide world. The series highlights 11 aspects of our prayers for a humane life:

  1.  A cry to belong
  2. A cry for a different kind of father, mother and parent
  3. A cry for the Name that makes worthy
  4. A cry for the kingdom life
  5. A cry for the will that makes the earth into heaven
  6. A cry for daily bread
  7. A cry to live as a forgiven person
  8. A cry to live as a forgiving person
  9. A cry to be delivered from evil
  10. A cry for people whose attention is not distracted
  11. A cry for an anxiety-free life

Let us this year pray together without ceasing that “the Spirit from above be poured out on us” … so that the wilderness will become an orchard, where justice prevails and righteousness is done, so that we all in society will enjoy rest and peace and security, free from anxieties (Isaiah 32:15-18).

Johan Botha, Eddie Orsmond, Donald Gantana, Gideon van der Watt
(On behalf of the UMSW)

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