How to live like people knowing Jesus

CloudOfWitnessesA Cloud of witnesses

Breda Ludik & Rob Clarke

Price: R55.00


Just like the very first believers, we are trying every day to figure out how to live like people knowing Jesus.

There are, however, many voices influencing us. Some are threatening us, others are tempting us, and still others are misleading us. As other believers throughout the ages, we do not always know what we should do.

Again and again we try to discover what living faith means.

If only we could become more conscious of the cloud of witnesses surrounding us! They will give us direction in our choices. These biblical characters and post-biblical characters will encourage us to run the race of faith with determination.

Through the six studies in this group guide you will explore the lives of biblical characters and historical figures. You will discover what you have in common with them. You will see how you too, hand in hand with these witnesses, can live with your eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith.

Each study leads to dialogue about the connection between the lives of the biblical character and the historical figure.

  • This dialogue brings new insight in and possibilities to our spiritual lives.
  • These studies are best suited for use by groups of 8 to 10 people.